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The Diaghilev Egg- Joia Fabergé

The Diaghilev Egg, “Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it” (Каждый человек красив, но не каждый это замечает или Во всем есть красота, но не каждый способен ее увидеть ). Самое дорогое в коллекции - Дягилевское яйцо, инкрустированное бриллиантами и рубинами. Его цена составляет $600 тысяч. 

O Ovo Diaghilev, "Tudo tem beleza, mas nem todo mundo vê" (Todo mundo é bonito, mas nem todo mundo vê, ou Tudo tem beleza, mas nem todos podem vê-lo). O mais caro da coleção - Diaghilev ovo, incrustado com diamantes e rubis. 


Paris, Couture, July 2011
Fabergé: The Rebirth of an Icon
A spectacular series of one-of-a-kind egg pendants highlights Les Saisons Russes collection of High Jewellery by Fabergé
Bejewelled, superbly crafted, each with its own intriguing story, and full of surprises, the first in a series of Couture Egg Pendants herald Springtime in the new Saisons Russes High Jewellery Collection from Fabergé, the jewellery and objects house that embraces creativity, craftsmanship and heritage. The egg pendants, the first to bear the authentic Fabergé name since 1917, represent rebirth, new life that bursts forth in spring, welcomed and celebrated after the long, harsh Russian winter.
Paying homage to the legendary Imperial Eggs created by Peter Carl Fabergé for the Romanov family, and celebrating the Egg as a timeless universal symbol of life, Fabergé has designed a collection of one-of-a-kind High Jewellery Egg Pendants, Les Fameux de Fabergé, each illustrating a traditional Russian proverb, through complex, multi-layered concepts brought to life by the finest craftsmanship in the world today. The first of these creations, launched in Paris, during Couture Week, July 2011, mark the beginning of a series of twelve High Jewellery Egg Pendants, one for every month of the year. Each egg pendant, a wearable object of desire, involves a lengthy, exacting and in many cases pioneering fabrication process, pushing boundaries of both design and manufacture, and taking contemporary craftsmanship to a new level of sophistication.
True to its legacy, to the genius of Peter Carl Fabergé, the egg pendants fuse contemporary dynamism with age-old tradition, refined opulence with fable and folklore, superlative hand-craftsmanship and, in one instance, dazzling high-technology. The themes delve into the World of Fabergé, inspiration for all contemporary Fabergé collections. They include:
The Diaghilev Egg, “Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it”, diamond circles shimmering with rubies, with an invisibly-set diamond drawer that opens at the push of a gemstone, to reveal a matching pendant. The Ribbon Egg, “A gift is better than a promise”, an elaborate gem-embroidered layered, articulated ribbon, based on traditional Russian prints and textiles, set at the top with a large diamond and ornamented with enamel, lacquer and precious stones, a kaleidoscope of colour and texture. The Cherry Egg, “Life is a bowl of cherries”, clustered with luscious cherries, in carved stones, gold and gems, with a hidden golden nut and then a golden pit inside. The Train des Fleurs Egg, “He that travels knows much,” recalling the train that brought flowers from Grasse, in the South of France, to St Petersburg, during the winter party season, ensuring the palace halls were filled with spring flowers and fragrance. The Chimère Egg, “What you see is not always what you get,” a puzzle egg, in the spirit of Russian fairy tales, with rotating segments, a fish, flower and frog, creating child-like fantasy creatures. The High Tech Egg, “Every man is the architect of his own fortune,” an intricate three-dimensional structure, playing with space, height, depth and colour to create a modernist framework. The Mosaic Egg, “Old love does not rust,” inspired by the eponymous Fabergé Imperial Egg and its interpretation of petit point embroidery, with delicate diamond lattice work at the both ends. The Diamond Egg, “Genius is simplicity,” a titanium egg, entirely invisibly-set with white diamonds, a feat never before achieved, delivering a frisson of delight at its weightlessness and brilliance. The Snake Egg, “Where there is love, there is no darkness”, the serpent curled around a glossy enamelled egg, re-interpreting a favourite Fabergé emblem, symbol of eternity and rebirth.
Fabergé will also offer a bespoke service for Les Fameux de Fabergé, for the creation of special, personal commissions of High Jewellery Egg Pendants.
This exuberant collection of small, exquisitely-formed Fine Jewellery Egg Pendants recreates the abundance, joy and diversity of Peter Carl Fabergé’s original egg pendants.
With a repertoire of over 60 different designs, reinterpreting iconic Fabergé themes and resonating with echoes of Fabergé’s famous skills and artistry, the eggs offer a dazzling choice of materials, techniques and styles: carved hardstones and minerals, as varied as rock crystal, chrysoprase, snowflake obsidian, lavender jade, jadeite, pink opal, rutilated quartz, jasper and turquoise, conjuring up the rich mineral resources of the Ural Mountains, with their fables and legends; quilted gold, brushed gold, engraved gold, coloured gold in recherché red, pink, green, yellow and white, inspired by original Fabergé cigarette cases: oxidised silver; gem-glinting rococo openwork; enamels and lacquer, exquisitely degradé, inspired by traditional Russian lacquer-work, and lavished with Rococo gold-work: and immaculately pavé-set gems capturing the exotic, vibrant hues and striking graphic prints of the Ballets Russes.
A cluster of opulent and striking Zénaïde egg lockets is inspired by traditional Uzbek textiles, their intricate geometric patterns set with precious gems, a capsule collection poised between High and Fine Jewellery.
Each group of small fine jewellery egg pendants has its own story to tell, from the 18th century Rococo style favoured by Peter Carl Fabergé, through the tales of the minerals and magical stone flowers of the fabled Mistress of Copper Mountain, to the many gifts and presents that were an essential part of life at the Imperial Court. The individual collections include Oeuf Cadeau, Oeuf Matelassé Empereur, in quilted gold, Oeuf Impératrice and Oeuf Impératrice Emeraude, with its lush emerald tassel, the Oeuf Rosa Cloisonné, with cloisonné enamelled roses, Oeuf Rococo, Oeuf Barocco, Oeuf Sophia, Oeuf Nina, Oeuf Spirale, with dancing spiralling lines of gems, and Oeuf Pur, in simple, silky enamels.

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